This is the story of The Blackgram Collective.

The whole idea of the Blackgram Collective came along when being in retail wasn't sustainable anymore, especially where we are based; in Home Kong, Hong Kong. That's how Blackgram was born; an experimental project on behalf of The Black Label Group, that made the decision to diversify their investments into E-Commerce in 2020.

The concept behind Blackgram is simple.
To provide a stress free shopping environment. The idea is to bring the cool kids & lifestyle enthusiasts through a journey of our branded virtual store, where they shall browse for cool-to-own merchandises.

Our team of experts hand pick, source and design the best trendy gadgets from time to time.

With Blackgram being one of the latest "speakeasy" shopping platforms, the project will leverage from the extensive knowledge of The Agency Team from TABYBL, a digital marketing firm. They will take care of the overall branding and marketing for Blackgram. With the best of both worlds, trading cool gadgets and leveraging on the marketing done by The Agency: Blackgram aims to become one of the key market players by 2023.

With your help and support, anything is possible. So let's try to build history together.

Best Regards | The Black Team